Elon Musk of Tesla Wants to Turn Your Roof Into a Solar Energy Collector - Geek Reply

In addition to Elon Musk’s earlier renewable energy breakthroughs with Tesla brand electric cars and the Powerwall, the next big step for Tesla is to turn roofs into solar energy collectors for sustainable power within the home.

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annoyedgamer846d ago

Tesla has some great stuff and phenomenal ideas....only problem its all way to expensive.

pressjudge846d ago

Price was always something that Tesla lacked making better.

annoyedgamer846d ago

We need competition, its like tablets back in the 90s. Tablets existed back then but only 1 or 2 companies made them and the cost was high. Now tablets can be picked up for pocket change from a huge amount of manufacturers...

MagicBeanz845d ago

He's more then welcome to, as long as he pays for it.

Tiqila845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

Haven't read the article, but where I live you frequently see roofs equipped with solar panels. Either you have them for your own use or for earning some money by renting your roofs space to energy providers.

EDIT: read the article (should have done so before commenting on it -_-) and it's all about better aesthetics. These new solar panels look really cool.