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Bendgate reloaded – Samsung Galaxy S6 unlikely to bend in your pocket

Samsung releases response video that proves its Samsung Galaxy S6 will not bend in your pocket under normal circumstances.

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charlottebanks2063d ago

All this bendgate stuff is crazy, as if every phone didn't bend under harsh circumstances. But hey, good for Samsung that it doesn't bend too easily.

Minimoth2063d ago

In theory it should bend under a similar amount of force as the iPhone 6 Plus and yet it doesn't. Korean sorcery at work I tell you.

bahadur2063d ago

So what if it was likely to bend in my pocket? It's not important. The world needs to get over it.

kingPoS2062d ago

I'm glad I got out the habit of placing my phone in my rear pocket. In retrospect that's an accident just waiting to happen.