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FBI really doesn’t want anyone to know about “stingray” use by local cops

If you’ve ever filed a public records request with your local police department to learn more about how cell-site simulators are used in your community—chances are good that the FBI knows about it. And the FBI will attempt to “prevent disclosure” of such information.

Not only can these devices, commonly known as "stingrays," be used to determine a phone’s location, but they can also intercept calls and text messages. During the act of locating a phone, stingrays also sweep up information about nearby phones. Last fall, Ars reported on how a handful of cities across America are currently upgrading to new hardware that can target 4G LTE phones.

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ajax172365d ago

It's understandable that the FBI can intercept your phone signal, but LOCAL POLICE!? Yeah, I don't like that.

Gondee2364d ago

Looks like we need a way to create a language on the fly, where only the two people communicating understand. With the model of RSA but for humans lol

annoyedgamer2363d ago

Federal charges will then befall upon you for aiding crime. It only goes downhill from here.

dcbronco2363d ago

Yeah, cause only criminals want privacy. The founding fathers must have been a bunch of criminals.


But seriously folks. Our government has been proven to be untrustworthy. We need to stop them from having unfettered access to our every thought. Or else our every thought will eventually be grounds for imprisonment.

Gondee2363d ago

@dcbronco Couldn't agree more

However, there has been tons of studies published persecuting the founding fathers for designing the government in such a way that bond holders benefited. Ie. the ultra rich. Discovered in the early 1900s. Not that it matters, just thought it would be fun to bring up. They weren't saints either

annoyedgamer2363d ago

That was sarcasm by the way.

AiirJordann232363d ago

Best way to avoid it is doing business face to face