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Mashable - HTC Desire Eye: For selfie junkies only

Mashable - Your smartphone selfies look horrible. It's true and you know it. It's not your fault, it's your smartphone's.

Almost all smartphones have a low-res front-facing camera with 1 to 2-megapixels. It's laughable how little they've improved compared to how great the cameras on the backside have gotten.

The HTC Desire Eye sees your phone's grainy selfies and raises you its 13-megapixel selfies. HTC says it's time for high-quality phone selfies that don't compromise on resolution.

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Devil-X2394d ago

I am so much in hate with this "selfie" word. I hope word of the year 2015 is something much better.

ArtificiallyYours2394d ago

Even if the Smart Phone photography is in a better place, front facing cameras are still overrated if you think about it.

Also "Selfie" is dumb.