Artist that hates selfies started Instagram of herself 'dying' at famous places

Most Instagrammers tend to focus on taking perfectly timed and composed shots for their accounts, to capture what appears to be something spontaneous. However, one artist has started doing the complete opposite by taking random snaps of herself 'dying' at popular tourist landmarks in an attempt to fight the status quo.

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WeOwnTheNight1646d ago

Lol stick it to those fakes on IG!

1646d ago
GreatBear1646d ago

This is actually pretty funny, but don't hate on the selfie!

Altaire1646d ago

Dont think this is gonna change anythign though. Everyone on IG loves fame. I cant say that half of my users are even real followers

tontontam01645d ago

Lol what she is doing "IS" the status quo, a typical I want to go viral shot.

steven83r1645d ago

Nothing more than an attention grab. Shes basically planking

Veneno1645d ago

Love how they add "artist" to give this random nobody legitimacy. This is no less obnoxious than a regular selfie.

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