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"While we would all love to own several of these great handset, most of us can rarely afford more than one. But which one should you pick? In order to help you answer that very question we have compiled a list of the 10 best smartphones of 2014. We’re only taking into consideration devices that have been launched this year and they must already be available for purchase at least in one country."

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Anarki2410d ago

The Nexus 6 is looking to be one of/if not the best 2014 smart phone s far.

UltraNova2409d ago

This might be the 1st top 10 list I would agree even though phablets aren't my cup of tea.

Yi-Long2409d ago

Very happy with my OnePlus. Great value for money, and it looks and feels great.

ps360s2409d ago

not out you cant really say...

ps360s2409d ago

@ Yi Long

I have always wanted to know what is the OnePlus like

Might get it to try out...alot of user reviews are good and it looks the part plus the specs are out there with the best

and the Sharp Aquas Crystal would be nice to try out

Yi-Long2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I really recommend it. The only 'downside' is/was the invite-system which would make it a bit hard to get your hands on one, but the last few weeks they've been handing out invites again.

Now my girlfriend and my friend's mom were also able to order one. My girlfriend is still getting used to it cause it's her first Android (she comes from an iPhone 4s , but she fell in love with the design immediately.

It looks slick, and it feels quite sturdy and high-class.

theshredded2410d ago

Sony Z3 should be no 1. NOTHING can beat it with waterproof, excellent camera, stereo speakers, 2 day battery life. $800 is less than the s5 at launch...

ps360s2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Z3 is a very good phone and looks premium (I have the phone) screen is excellent for an 1080p resolution.

I am using an LG G3 as my main phone and that screen resolution is very nice (yes, I can tell the difference)

Iphone 6 while not having both these resolution is comfortable in the hand and looks very nice too. (and yes I also have this phone lol)

and iphone 6 plus is just to tall and look awkward compare to the note 3/4. Note 3 is an excellent phablet of a phone. (iphone 6 plus is nowhere in my top 10)

all four of these are in the top of my top 10

ITPython2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I'm pretty satisfied with the newer Moto G (LTE version with SD card support) that released a few months ago. Doesn't have the best camera, but everything else is surprisingly good for the price, its 's around $200 unlocked and unbranded, running nearly stock 4.4 KitKat Android. 720p screen @327 PPI, quad core CPU, and a pretty decent GPU. Plus Google says it will also get the Android L update when it releases.

It may not be a flagship top-of-the-line device, but I would definitely say it is the flagship smartphone for the $200 price range. Nothing else even comes close. Antutu benchmark for me averages about 17.8k, which is surprisingly good for such a "cheap" smartphone. And let me tell you, compared to my 2012 Samsung Exhibit II single core, the Moto G is SO MUCH BETTER in regards to performance, difference is night and day plus some.

Also love the fact that there is a lot of support in the modding community. I got it rooted, I flashed a custom recovery (Clockworkmod), and am using quite a few XPosed modules which really add a lot of functionality to the phone (such as the ability to deny/allow permissions from apps, or the ability to gets Android L's heads-up-notifications early, and Greenify is pretty awesome too!).

Oh and I also replaced the soft key home button with a PlayStation logo using the Softkeys app (requires root) :-P

bahabeast2409d ago

its amazing samsung is numbeer 1. i dnt see how people love these phones soo much when the charger port always goes bad the color always fades and number of software and hardware issues after having the phone for a while. xperia z3 htx one m8 and moto x ahould be higher on this list.

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