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New Renders Reveal iPhone 7 Pro With Apple Pencil

As we gear up for the launch of hotly anticipated iPhone 7, several leaks have continued to hit the internet.

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Speed-Racer911d ago

Didn't know you were an Apple fanboy

proudly_X911d ago

Only recently.. Lol, I swear I am getting the iPhone 7 Plus...

-Mezzo-912d ago

Ohh, how the mighty has fallen.

Apple is nont the Apple of 4 years ago, they have definitely lost their way.

kevnb911d ago

And here comes the apple hating cult.

eferreira911d ago

the apple hating sheet love to flock to any article that involves an i-device.

mike32UK911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

They haven't been the same since Steve Jobs passed away sadly. I'd still take mac over windows any day but im definitely all about android over iOS since 2012ish

proudly_X911d ago

Steve Jobs will rolling wherever he his now.. It's shame Apple is fast loosing grip

annoyedgamer911d ago

Samsung always stealing ideas from Apple...oh wait

rpgenius420911d ago

1200 for an underpowered iPhone lmao have fun with that pencil lmao bring on the Note 6 already!

007Tech911d ago

i was excited with only launch of iphone 7 but this additional launch increased it even more

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