iPhone 6 Plus vs OnePlus One quick look

The iPhone 6 Plus is intruding into Android territory. Thing is, the large-screen segment is already crowded with competitors of large caliber. We’ve already looked at how the Note 3 and LG G3 compare to the new 5.5-inch iPhone, and now it’s time for the OnePlus One to show what it’s made of.

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neoragex2300d ago

Touchwiz is not as fast as stock Android, but it is improving. Android as an OS is superb and not laggy. An iphone 4 with ios 7 is significantly slower compared to a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (the first one, with the Snapdragon s2) running Kit kat. So get out troll.

Sahil2300d ago

You're coming to an ANDROID-focused website and bashing Android fans? STFU troll

neoragex2300d ago

The only thing premium about the new apple phones is the price. Specs for these phones fall way behind the current android flagship devices.

Sahil2300d ago

Run your test on AnTuTu X and see what wins. The X version prevents fraud and cheaters so it's probably not available for iphones. Only an idiot would believe that a 1.4 GHz Dual core CPU could beat 2.5 GHz Quad core CPU in an honest performance test.

neoragex2300d ago

It has to do with memory management moving from 4GB of virtual up to 8TB of virtual addressing.

Problem is, the iphone 6 ONLY has1GB of memory :) :)

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