Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s both took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"Even though it wasn’t nominated by anyone like the rules dictate, the Samsung Galaxy S5 went ahead and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge anyway, although not by itself, obviously. Someone over at Samsung figured this would be a great way to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis while also reminding us all that the device features IP67 certification, which means that it’s water resistant."

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Minimoth2495d ago

Someone just ruined a perfectly good iPhone 5s by pouring water on in, what a waste.

iamnsuperman2494d ago

Couldn't that money being wasted here just have been donated instead.

Minimoth2494d ago

See, that's a very sensible idea. The folks over at Samsung and Apple should consider listening to ideas like that in the future.

Goro2493d ago

You would die if you visited TechRax YouTube channel. He's destroyed about 100 perfectly good iPhones.

pressjudge2495d ago

When the iPhone said "what design team?" i laughed so hard :))))

brianparker2494d ago

ALS Ice Bucket with the phones made me smile :) nice