Cortana maintains winning streak, correctly predicting 14 games in a row

After successfully predicting the outcomes of the 13 World Cup games from the Round of 16 stage including yesterday's bloodbath where Germany crushed Brazil with a 6 goal lead (1-7 score), Cortana has done it yet again, predicting that Argentina would have beaten the Netherlands, resulting in a 14 game prediction streak leading up to the finals. Cortana may not be a psychic, but it's really good at figuring out the best odds based on a ton of different variables.

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Speed-Racer2702d ago

Damn, looks like my prediction was wrong. Didn't think Holland would have gone home.

sjaakiejj2701d ago

To be fair, with penalties it could have easily gone either way. And with 2 injured players that needed to be replaced, I'm pretty sure van Gaals strategy took a significant hit as well.

TechImperia2701d ago

Damn you cortana ,why can't you help be win some cash