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Verizon CEO: “Eventually, Unlimited has to Go Away”

Wireless Week- Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam doesn’t see any way for unlimited to work in wireless.

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Crazay2654d ago

must be inspired by just how badly we get effed up here in Canada by our useless dinks who run the wireless industry. We get nickle and dimed every step of the way.

coolbeans2654d ago

I've been hearing it's pretty bad for you guys up there. That stinks, man.

Crazay2654d ago

It's terrible here dude. In canada, $65-$85 plans are considered "reasonable" here.

coolbeans2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )



Wow...that's pretty darn disgusting.

Crazay2654d ago

You think that's bad? That's actually good for up here... That included Unlimited nationwide calls/text etc...and 500MB of data...which, as an added courtesy to us during a special promotion, is upped to "1 WHOLE GB of data at no extra charge" want more? that'll be $25 minimum for 2GB more for a WHOPPING total of 3GB!" What a bargain.