Windows 9 - Get Ready For A New Microsoft Operating System

HardwarePal : Microsoft is desperately working on a new update for their latest OS Windows 8.1, which will likely see a release before the end of this year. But that’s not the only thing they are working on, they are also looking at what their next installment Windows 9 will feature.

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ajax172644d ago

I'll stick with windows 7, thanks.

Lazyeye792644d ago

If they continue with their good-bad-good-bad, then windows 9 will be good.

m2stech2644d ago

95bad, 98good, mebad, xpgood, vistabad, 7good, 8bad...

ajax172644d ago

I suppose you're right.

caseh2643d ago


You missed out 2000. :)

That's probably my fav OS to date, took a lot of faffing with updates etc but once setup its easily one of the most stable operating systems Microsoft have built.

mechlord2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

i see them as series of 4, with a stellar release and 1 shitty:

95-bad, 98-good, me-shitty, 2k super
xp-good, vista-shitty, 7-super, 8-bad

i wonder what attribute will i end up giving to this 9 thing.

FriedGoat2643d ago

If windows 9 Still has Metro in it, It will be bad again breaking the pattern.

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Diffraction_Fos2643d ago

Already? Wasn't Windows 8 released like only yesterday? Are Microsoft trying to be the EA of OS releases?

KingPin2643d ago

lol for every FIFA the new windows OS is a minimum requirement.

Diffraction_Fos2643d ago

True. And for every problem they fix, they break another two. These two companies are so alike it's uncanny.

coolbeans2643d ago

Seems like it. It's strange when I'm comfortable with Win7 and then seeing news about getting ready for the next, next OS.

KingPin2643d ago

get rid of metro UI and i might consider getting it.
hell, just look at the linux UIs if MS isnt sure what to do and base it off of that. simple really.

kane_13712643d ago

I don't get this, why do you people hate on Win8?
It works perfect, I have not had 1 single BOSOD since win 8.
Could you say the same about XP?
Not even 7 was this durable.
This is so idiotic

mechlord2643d ago

i wish i was simple minded as you are...dont get a bsod and everything become perfect

kane_13712643d ago

Thank you for bashing me instead of answering me.
Stop bitching about the fucking start button, I bet you barely even used that button.
Now do you have any real argument here or not?

CandyFace2638d ago

I use my start bar every day but that feature is not the reason why i haven't changed yet. I personally don't like being forced to have 2 operation systems. I like some of the design choices in windows 8, especially the minimalistic look but metro is the biggest and most hated feature i have against the OS. I've never liked the idea about having everything universal, which is what they have done by having 2 operation systems to be used on either mobile, tablet or pc.

kane_13712637d ago

On mobile and tablets you are using mobile windows 8 which is only the Metro.
On PC you use the PC OS which is exactly the same as Win 7, but faster and with less errors and compatiblity issues.
It doesn't make sense to bash a better product only because of such a little detail that could easily be ignored

pompombrum2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

It'll be interesting to see what direction Microsoft goes with. Personally I hope they scrap the metro ui completely for desktops or at least make it optional. This time around though, they really need to try and give people who like Windows 7 a real incentive to get the new OS.