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Microsoft’s Windows 9 Technical Preview leaked in bevy of screenshots

We may be one step closer to knowing what’s going on at Microsoft’s OS testing table this month. A new batch of screenshots have allegedly leaked from Redmond, depicting Microsoft’s Windows 9 or “Threshold” Technical Preview. It’s highly likely that these are authentic, but Microsoft has not yet responded to the images.

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annoyedgamer2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Why does Microsoft insist on messing up stuff that works just fine? It's like someone has a rope around the developers necks that says if the Start Menu returns you have to mess up something else to balance it out...looks like the Control Panel just got nerfed.

Don't read the comments on the site its full of "change" hipsters. All of which champion the metro UI.

reddevilandy102690d ago

I suppose change is good, but Windows 9 really reminds me too much of Windows 8 -- and the bad side of 8. It's incredibly frustrating as a user.