AOL Pulling the Plug from Popular Winamp Player Next Month, Merry F***in' Christmas

Maximum PC: This may come as a shock to the system, but effective December 20, 2013, Winamp will become a ghost of the Internet's past. AOL, which bought Winamp in 1999 for $80 million, has decided to shut down the popular media player service just five days before Christmas, officially ending a better than 15-year run as one of the most well regarded media players among power users.

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Speed-Racer3358d ago

Wow. Soooooo what are we supposed to use now? I love Winamp.

GameSpawn3357d ago

I will recognize there is still a loyal Winamp following out there, but with the advent of Apple's devices becoming more popular (you really have no choice but to use iTunes) and music streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, potential Winamp users have dramatically dropped.

I used to be a heavy Winamp user because it was simple, lightweight and got the job done. 3 iPhones, an iPod touch, a Shuffle and an iPad later my ENTIRE music collection has been migrated to iTunes; not to mention all the digital copies of movies I've received forced me to choose between Windows Media player (PC Only) or the more platform friendly iTunes (PC and MAC).

I also got into Pandora for a while which lessened my desire to use Winamp that much more. With the selections iTunes Radio has been giving me however, I've started using Pandora less and less and less.

Pandora is great and sometimes gives you obscure selections that you'll never find on iTunes Radio (especially in the Techno, House, and Electronic genres), but I have found that iTunes Radio gives you more mainstream popular songs that never show up on Pandora due to licensing disputes with Pandora.

Spotify is nice in that you can customize and pick and choose what you want instead of being subject to the whims of Pandora and iTunes playing randomly, but I have found that the Spotify desktop app has too much overhead and can really bog down your system when in use.

If you don't believe me, try running Spotify on a system with less than 8GB of RAM and low to mid range processor. It'll be fine if Spotify is the only thing running, but once you get two or three more programs running on top of it you'll quickly eat up all the system resources and begin to run slow as molasses on a cold day.

kingPoS3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I've tried to find another player lighter than winamp... and couldn't. Everything else is either bloated browser based or both. With winamp, I can literally play music all day with a 1200+ playlist while other programs are running.

newsguy3358d ago

people still use aol and winamp?

kingPoS3357d ago

I use it daily. No other music player I've come across is as light & versatile as winamp.

If you want visuals, there's Milkdrop. Do you want DSP's Dolbly & DTS; Winamp has the plugins. Like to listen to 8 & 16bit game OST's; NSF, VGZ & RSN/SPC file support is right there.

Aol sponsored winamp, It's not is not however itself winamp.

Captain Tuttle3358d ago

Winamp? Damn, haha, haven't used it for years literally

Soldierone3358d ago

What is this..... AOL you speak of? ;)