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Micron Gains a 300mm DRAM Fabrication Plant in Elpida Acquisition

Maximum PC: Micron, the memory maker based out of Boise, Idaho, has completed its acquisition of Elpida, a struggling DRAM player in Tokyo. All of Elpida's equity and assets now belong to Micron, including a 300mm DRAM fabrication facility located in Hiroshima, Japan. Other notable assets include a 65 percent stake in Rexchip, which itself owns a 300mm DRAM plant in Taiwan, and 100 percent ownership interest in Akita Elpida Memory, which owns an assembly and test facility in Akita, Japan.

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Intel and Micron Develop Crazy Fast Memory to Replace NAND

Maximum PC: Few would argue against the notion that today's high performance solid state drives are blazing fast, especially compared to mechanical hard disk drives, but imagine what tomorrow's SSDs will be like. Before you do that, take into consideration that Intel and Micron just unveiled a new non-volatile memory technology that they claim is 1,000 times faster than NAND flash memory. Yes, 1,000 times! We'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor and clean the coffee off your monitor.

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Micron Adds Industry's First Monolithic 8Gb DDR3 SDRAM to Product Portfolio

Maximum PC: It's easy to get lazy towards the end of the work week as we look forward to the weekend, but not so at Micron. Rather than check out early, Micron today announced the introduction of a monolithic 8Gb DDR3 SDRAM component based on the company's latest-generation 25nm DRAM manufacturing process. According to Micron, the addition of an 8Gb monolithic component will enable cost-effective, high-capacity solutions optimized for large-scale, data-intensive workloads.

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Crucial's MX100 SSD Blazes a Trail at 550MB/s, Calls It 'Mainstream Performance'

Maximum PC: Color us impressed with Micron's marketing of its new Crucial MX100 solid state drive line. Rather than try and oversell the drive with exaggerated rhetoric and fancy pants nomenclature, Micron is billing the Crucial MX100 SSD as a drive that offers cost-effective mainstream performance. Indeed, while the drive's sequential read and write speeds of up to 550MB/s and 500MB/s, respectively, are no longer unique, they're still some of the fastest available in the SATA space.

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