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Rambus and Micron Settle Patent Dispute, Sign $280 Million Licensing Agreement

Maximum PC: There's been no love lost between Rambus and Micron over the years. The two have been mired in litigation since 1990, which is when Rambus first sought license fees and threatened infringement lawsuits against memory makers who turned to the popular SDRAM standard over its own proprietary RDRAM spec. Rambus contended that its patents and inventions also applied to SDRAM, but as far as things are concerned with Micron, it's now a moot point.

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DDR5 is already being made; expect it in 2019

PC Aficionado: "It seems just yesterday that Intel dropped their X99 platform with support for DDR4 memory. Now, Rambus, a company who develops memory technologies, announced that they have a functional DDR5 DIMM."

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badz1492260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

bought my PC right before DDR4 launch and I regretted it a bit for not waiting a little bit longer. but now we are already talking DDR5? WTF? is DDR4 not that much of a leap from 3 that they feel that 5 should come this soon?

KTF262260d ago

you don't really need to worry about this

2019 for DDR5 is normal if you look to DDR release history

DDR (2000) -> DDR2 (2003) -> DDR3 (2007 !!! longest life cycle) -> DDR4 (2014) -> DDR5(2017 NO!! - 2021)

dcbronco2259d ago

You have to take into account that they now face competition from hbm and Intel. They have to push as fast as they can to remain in the industry.

DarkZane2260d ago

Even if you want to play games at 4K/60fps maxed, you don't need more than DDR3 ram anyway.

bluefox7552260d ago

Hopefully it's a bigger jump in performance than it was from DD3 to DD4, which was a bit lackluster IMO.


Rambus is Transitioning to Fabless Chip Production

Maximum PC: Rambus is a name we haven't heard in some time, though it's one we certainly remember. The company has made numerous headlines over the years, many of which were related to litigation over IP disputes. That's because the Rambus of old built a business around licensing DRAM technology and accusing firms of patent infringement.

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Intel and Micron Develop Crazy Fast Memory to Replace NAND

Maximum PC: Few would argue against the notion that today's high performance solid state drives are blazing fast, especially compared to mechanical hard disk drives, but imagine what tomorrow's SSDs will be like. Before you do that, take into consideration that Intel and Micron just unveiled a new non-volatile memory technology that they claim is 1,000 times faster than NAND flash memory. Yes, 1,000 times! We'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor and clean the coffee off your monitor.

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