Microsoft's Don Mattrick Headed to Zynga, Stock Surges

Maximum PC: Usually it takes some time before Internet rumors are either confirmed or debunked. Not so with the news that Microsoft's Don Mattrick would be jumping ship and swimming over to Zynga to assume a high level position with the social game maker. Following unofficial reports of Mattrick's move, Zynga has now confirmed that the former president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment division is joining Zynga as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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Words with Friends just suffered a major data breach

The latest high-profile company to suffer a data breach is the social game developer, Zynga. 218 million players were affected.

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In just 2 years, Zynga’s daily average users have fallen by half

Cyrus Farivar of Ars Technica writes: Have you played any Zynga games lately? Yeah, we didn’t think so. And that’s exactly the problem: in two years, the social gaming company’s daily average users (DAU) has plummeted from 39 million to 21 million.

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Zynga Buys NaturalMotion For $527M, Signaling A New Tack For The Gaming Giant

Techcrunch: Zynga has long been famous (or infamous?) for its data-driven approach to game design. The company never focused on building strong character IP, or intellectual property, in favor of releasing games that had been thoroughly funnel-tested.

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Spiewie 3724d ago

Zynga and all the Facebook games. Really successful.

Anonagrog3723d ago

Hopefully this won't have a negative impact on the their impressive animation middleware.