Can Windows 8.1 Make My Wife Love Windows Again?

Mashable - “I hate Windows 8.”

No, not me. I actually rather like Windows 8, especially on a touchscreen device. My wife, however, is another matter — and, for her, the just-announced Windows 8.1 can't arrive soon enough.

She shared her Windows 8 enmity when I asked how things were going with our new Asus ET2300 touchscreen all-in-one PC. I'd purchased the system a month earlier when our HP Pavilion running on Windows 8 had succumbed to heart (or perhaps hard drive) failure.

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-Mezzo-2185d ago


I wouldn't say i hate it,... but i didn't like it at all, infact i removed it and went back to XP in under 1 month.

I'm definitely go give it another go.

SactoGamer2185d ago

I've tried to like it. I just can't.

garythetechnut2185d ago

It has its strengths and weaknesses. It's not compelling enough for me to switch from Windows 7.

jerocarson2184d ago

Windows 8 works for me, Even if microsoft say they are putting a start menu in win 8.1, I wouldn't bother trying it out because I am already in love with Windows 8.

Humans must learn the word #CHANGE!

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