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Then and Now – Looking back at the Mega Website Titans Back when They Were Starting Up.

Fernando Blanco From Electric Avenue said - "LinkedIn first appeared in May 2003 with nothing more than 5 tabs and a home page. It was not the classic job search site that it is today with many more tabs, a multimedia home page, and notifications for each individual user."

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fatstarr2186d ago

Myspace, twitter, yahoo and ebay really evolved

the web back then as such a dreary place. until like 2008 that's when it got better.

fblan0012185d ago

AOL is the one who has changed the most, that was strange. the web in a floppy, I remember back in the day I thought could save the internet in floppy disks cus I had no internet back home so I started saving website by website in floppy disks from to and then aa and ab and so on,