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Engadget - LG Nexus 4 shows up in white at Google I/O (hands-on)

Engadget - A checkerboard-style glitter pattern with a white background? Yes, please. We've always been impressed by the elegant look and feel of LG's Nexus 4, announced alongside Android 4.2 last October, and now Google is making an ivory version of the device available to (hopefully) the masses. The twist: it still hasn't been officially announced, despite the fact that a conference like I/O would be the perfect time and place to do so.

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-Mezzo-2199d ago

Looks quite sexy TBH. But i'm fine with my Black Nexus 4.

I don't know i always go with Black whenever buying a Gadget, Phone, Console etc.

Madusha2199d ago

They should make some other colour variants. Most tech companies only make black or white devices but I would love to have a blue or red smartphone!

ScepticTankAvenger2197d ago

Only gadget I bought that isn't black is my HTC One. Sure, I could have waited for the black variant, but meh.