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The best pure Android phones right now

CNET: There's something magical about owning a Nexus phone. It's akin to belonging to an elite inner circle or cabal, one that's privy to the most up-to-date software straight from Google's top-secret labs. The benefits of running on pure Android unfettered by carrier bloatware, shady third-party apps, and manufacturer skins go beyond feeling special, though. The biggest is that accessories and apps simply run properly when not tripped up by glitzy yet proprietary add-ons.

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In2iti0n2842d ago

Pure Android is a base, like a canvas , that the carriers, and manufacturers, get to paint upon, some paint better than others.

Some of them, paint a Picasso, and some paint with crayons. Having pure Android gives user the brush.

Nucky2842d ago

And we all know how Picasso's are rare.

SnakeCQC2841d ago

i think your steve jobs avatar is going to your head lol

In2iti0n2841d ago

Why is that? Did I say something against Android? Oh...

sealava2841d ago

I'm an android nut since day 1 , and I really love the way you described pure android .