5 Alternatives to Google Reader

GeekMag: "if you still want an alternative to Google’s service and a simple RSS app that works across multiple platforms, then we have put together a list of 5 ideal alternatives to Google Reader. Check out the list below and switch to one of the services as soon as possible."

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Google now lets you 'follow' sites using the mobile Chrome browser, kind of like Google Reader

Rolling out to Android now. iOS users should eventually get it

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Google Reader Died Because No One Would Run It

BuzzFeed: No one took ownership of Google Reader internally because it wasn’t a top priority for Larry Page and his inner circle of lieutenants. And if you aren’t working on something that the boss cares about, then what’s the point?

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Ask Engadget: best Google Reader replacement?

Engadget - Naturally, we held off on posting this until Google Reader was dead and gone, so people had time to get used to one of the replacements.

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