This is what it looks like when Google shuts down a popular service and then links to your website

Raaw: When Google announced that they were going to shut down their very popular service Google Reader on July 1 we naturally started working hard making sure that the list of Google Reader alternatives were relevant and that all information was up to date. The list of alternatives we had ready on July 1 was a pretty good summary of what people in general thought.

Obviously some people at Google agreed, because when it was time to shut down Google Reader for good, they published a short message on the site and linked to AlternativeTo.

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In2iti0n2800d ago

That’s a huge spike in unexpected traffic, and many sites wouldn’t have been able to take that load and stay afloat.

Impressive, nonetheless.

Draper2799d ago

Sure, but on the other side, many sites would LOVE that huge traffic from Google itself to be the reason for crashing for a day or two.

I wouldn't mind at all.

Nucky2800d ago

Now they can say "Google loves us", and mean it.

ThePundit2799d ago

That graph is orgasmic.

Something is wrong with me.

Zerg2798d ago

Yup, you need a girlfriend.

n4f2798d ago

wow have you seen the graph*touches self*
yep you totally need a girlfriend
something is definitely wrong with you

ThePundit2798d ago

I was just kidding, besides "Pundit" is not used only for a male..