Remotely Control Torrents Using Windows Phone With uTorrent Remote

WML Cloud - uTorrent remote is a app for Windows Phone devices that can be used to control your uTorrent client on a Windows or Mac computer.

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kingPoS4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

He he.. alright now I can control the torrents on my PC from afar... from a far...

No wait! get this off my pc befo..01100110101110


395,000 uTorrent Forum Accounts Put Up For Sale By Hackers

In June, it was revealed that uTorrent's forums had been hacked, putting at risk the personal details of hundreds of thousands of users. Now it being reported that the database has been put up for sale on a darknet marketplace. The package is said to contain almost 395,000 accounts but data is cheap. The asking price? Just one bitcoin.

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Settler2731d ago

I'm wondering what information they going to get, as the password are encrypted


BitTorrent launches new subscription tier that removes ads from uTorrent

Tired of seeing ads on uTorrent? There's now another solution to eliminate them but of course, it'll cost you (just not as much as before).
Following a brief beta stint, BitTorrent has rolled out an annual subscription service that'll eliminate ads from uTorrent. It's priced at $4.95 per year but unlike the existing Pro tier, it doesn't include any other benefits.

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Dasteru2939d ago

Who even uses uTor anymore? It went to hell years ago. Deluge is lightweight, ad free, and performs better with no cost.

Zarock2939d ago

It still has open candy malware. Avoid at all costs.


uTorrent and BitTorrent Serve Over 200 Million Ads Per Day

BitTorrent Inc, the parent company of the popular file-sharing client uTorrent, serves more than 200 million advertisements per day through its software. But despite the dazzling numbers, overall revenue is relatively modest as the ad rates are far from premium.

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Tzuno3007d ago

I ignore all ads plus i have add-block installed.