ReactOS Might End Microsoft Monopoly Over OS Market

TechSpyre - Microsoft has enjoyed monopoly over operating system scenario since their first user friendly version Windows 3.11. Till date, there are a lot of efforts made by many platforms but Microsoft stands as the largest supplier of OS across the globe. Generalization of user experience for better control over application is far most considered feature of Microsoft’s OS interface. Till Windows 7 and now most awaited version Windows 8, there was rarely even a chance that any other supplier of OS can make even close. But the world we live is a place of possibilities and there are threats emerging to Microsoft’s monopoly slowly and steadily. One of the major OS shown some potential to challenge existing monopoly is evolving quickly from last a decade with rapid development in progress. Following is general information that what consideration they kept in focus to hit the market.

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Software_Lover3208d ago

I'm sorry, but you used the word "MONOPOLY" too many times in that opening statement.

Mudassarhashmi3208d ago

I am a beginner and will learn from people like about my mistakes. Its not an open statement.

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BlmThug3208d ago

Even Apple hasn't toppled Microsoft's grip on the OS market, so I doubt this 'react OS' will

caseh3208d ago

'ReactOS Might End Microsoft Monopoly Over OS Market'

No, it won't.

No average user will use this over a Windows OS, ever. Only users who generally know what they want from their computers will give this a go then probably spot some issues along the way when <insert name here> won't install and abandon it.

It's like using a new web browser, as soon as you find it has issues on certain sites you always visit you go back to old faithful as it WORKS without messing with settings. < key point there, Windows OS tends to work with just about everything.

Mudassarhashmi3208d ago

Yes it might not end Microsoft's monopoly because people like you and me are so reluctant to even test another OS that there is not much room. But think of it like what if there are multiple choices for users. They will get even better for what we are experiencing now to capture market.
I am thankful for your comments and will include these comments for next post.

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r213208d ago

It looks like an older windows type.

aviator1893208d ago

Sorry, but the fight over desktop will remain, for a long time, between microsoft and apple. I'd include Google, but their os really isn't there yet.

3GenGames3208d ago

What about all the great Linux OS's like Mint and (Gnome-based) Ubuntu? They have a far better chance of succeeding since google would probably back/modify one of those instead of building their own Linux OS from nothing.

aviator1893208d ago

Sure, maybe in the long-run, but nothing considerable would happen for years.

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The story is too old to be commented.