iPhone 5: 5 Million Sold in First Weekend, Galaxy S3: 9 Million Before Launch

Tech Analyzer:

"I already hear the rebuttals: “but Apple sold more iPhones in a shorter time span than Samsung” – that is irrelevant. The reason why Samsung was able to procure so many pre-orders is because they built a “hype” for the Samsung Galaxy S3 long before it even launched. That was their marketing strategy."

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eferreira4218d ago

Not everyone, just the few they edited out.

KingPin4218d ago

haha @ apple.

Apple boarroom - "dammit. samsung whooped our asses with that knock off. any possibility we can sue em again? we'll take it. heck, we patented fastest selling devices with our iphone and they copying us again."

Sarcasm4218d ago

It's okay, Apple will create a Lawsuit for being outsold by Samsung. And probably win.

Software_Lover4218d ago

Its 360 vs ps3 all over again lol.

Kingnichendrix4218d ago

Then when the new htc and nokia come out it will be like the wiiu and vs ps3&360

hkgamer4218d ago

Apple was very brave to release a phone just days away from it being released. It is a risky strategy which may have ccost them a little, People who buy phones tend to go on contract, so they need to know what phone they are getting in advance.
I do believe it is too early to say how well the iPhone 5 will do in sales but I think their numbers would be really close to the S3

This strategy may have worked alot better for the iPad where you are not tied to any contracts.

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franwex2556d ago

I still use my iPhone 4. It's my alarm clock and sometimes I watch youtube on the mobile browser late at night.