iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: Which Gets the Faster Cellular Data Speeds? (Video)

Technobuffalo: The iPhone 5 is finally available to the public. And aside from the obvious design changes — thinner, taller, aluminum back — the biggest addition to Apple’s new device is the inclusion of LTE. Android users have been experiencing the next generation of wireless technology for some time now, so LTE is nothing new. But for iPhone owners, the step up will be hugely welcome, and put Apple’s device in the same league as some of its biggest competitors. So how does it hold up against, say, a Samsung Galaxy S III? Data speeds are hugely important when on the move, so we pitted the two head-to-head to see how their speeds compared.

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Brawler3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Man LTE Sucks in the US. In Canada i get 25-40mb down and 20 up. Those LTE speeds are comparable to the HSPA+ speeds here.

SKUD3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Good lord that samsung phone is gigantic.

KingPin3044d ago

its so you can watch full HD videos much much better :P

blumatt3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

I had a Galaxy Note and I have to say that having a "gigantic" screen is a gift and a curse. I went back to my 4s after only 2 months.

Siri is pretty cool but I don't use it much. Mostly just to show it off to people.

I'll be getting me a 5 pretty soon. ITunes is Apple's trump card--at least for me.

blumatt3043d ago

Phantom disagree. Not a reason one, huh?

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sandman2243044d ago

So what does the iPhone 5 have that the s3 doesn't........?