Cnet - iPhone 5: 5 things that surprised

Cnet: Of all the new parts of the iPhone 5, what still feels the most shocking? Here are the Top 5.

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NewMonday2816d ago

The weight
The beauty of Maps
The speed
Lightning doesn't support Thunderbolt
Everything changed just a bit

two-handed facepalm

mcstorm2816d ago

Wtf. The maps suck. Type in one of the biggest tourest attractions in the uk old trafford and it points you to a under 11s football pitch. Im sorry but by far the best map system on any mobile is nokia maps closely followed by google maps.

Ill give apple on there weight but to me that is not a seller for a mobile phone as none of the new smart phones are heavy this really matters for tablets and laptops.

He also talks about the speed. Not the speed of the phone but the speed of the 4g connection. Whats this got to do with the phone?

I also think the last bit is a joke everything has changed just alittle bit. Whats changed? The ui the way you use the phone. The way you sync your music? Nope nothing has changed its still the same as the os that came on the original iphone.

I really wish the media would get a grip of them selfs over the iphone amd see that there are now better looking smarter looking easier to user and faster phones than the iphone on the market.

Im not saying the iphone 5 is a bad phone as its not but apart form now having a 4 inch screen which apple said a few years ago was too big for a smart phone. The phone has not changed from the 4 or 4s.

iliimaster2816d ago

this is nothing more than a lil upgraded iphone 4s v2

a taller screen big deal