iPhone 5 vs 4S: Do you really know the difference?

The Future Post: When Apple announced the new iPhone 5 a few days ago, Jimmy Kimmel decided to have some fun. Given that the iPhone 5 hadn’t come out yet, Jimmy Kimmel walked the street with the 4S (the previous model) telling people it was the new iPhone 5. Here are the reactions, some of them just blatantly shocking.

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caseh4023d ago

LMFAO, outstanding. Those people are actually holding their OWN 4S and looking at someone elses 4S and coming to the conclusion that its bigger, thinner and lighter!?

Wow, goes to show how brain dead some consumers are.

mcstorm4023d ago

I agree but thats how some peoples mind works. If you dont know anything about a product and someone tells you that one is better than the other you will belive them because you think they know it all.

I worked at game station back in 2003 and i sold people more xbox and game cubes than ps2s even though they came in for a ps2 because i explained to them the reason why i thought the xbox was better at playing dvds fps games and racing games and why the cube was better at kids games then the ps2 and its the same thing with anyother bit of technology.

caseh4022d ago

Funny you mention Gamestation, i've actually witnessed what you mentioned for myself. Parents asking for advice on consoles/games for their kids at christmas but having something pushed on them to some extent by the employee who 'must be an expert as he works there'.

I was almost tempted to interupt and mention they could buy what they wanted for a fraction of the price elsewhere/online but it isn't my place to interfere. A fool and his cash are soon parted. :)

mcstorm4022d ago


I know what you mean. I never pushed them in the direction of something else if thats what they waneted i just explained the + & - points of all the consoles and then let them make the final decision on what they walked out with but i agree any shop you go to will always have someone there trying to sell someone the wrong thing. Phones4u are the worst at the moment i went in to get the htc titan and said this was the phone i wanted but they still tried to see me a blackberry.

dirthurts4023d ago

Just shows you people will buy ANYTHING apple puts out. It's not about the product, it's about the idea, and that's why apple is selling their products when obviously better, cheaper, faster alternatives are on the market.

fatstarr4023d ago

so sad.

this is great.

GuyThatPlaysGames4022d ago

It's the same way with automobiles. Alot of 2013 models barely differ from the 2012 models, but the consumer is still gonna buy the 2013 model just to say they have the newest thing. It's like that with everything.

Speed-Racer4022d ago

But the usual consumer does not buy a car every year.

GuyThatPlaysGames4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Actually you would be surprised how many people actually do that tho. I don't mean buy a new 2013 outright, I mean trade it towards the newest one. The American way is to have the newest things ASAP it seems like.

Speed-Racer4022d ago

Haha wouldn't doubt it. I guess it Apple owners traded in their older models for a newer one, well fine. I still don't see it an economical though because I'm sure once 4S owners get iOS 6, they won't really need anything else. Maybe LTE might be the determining factor for many but I don't really see any other significant reasons to jump to a new model.

Sarcasm4022d ago

Actually with cars, sometimes the newer models are a downgrade compared to the previous generation.

evil_element4022d ago

Lets be truthful here. Not ever smartphone owner makes the quantum leap from last years smartphone to this years phone. 100% people here PRESUME that people Apple users and general smartphone owners have have a endless stream of money.

Most people might still be in contract. Making them ineligible to upgrade till their contract matures or ends. Thus you are more likely to see people moving from smartphones dating 2-3 years old to the latest model.

I don't know many people who buy a smartphone outright as the massively high price and cost of running the phone is usually too much for most folk.

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franwex2352d ago

I still use my iPhone 4. It's my alarm clock and sometimes I watch youtube on the mobile browser late at night.