iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III vs Lumia 920 (Comparison)

The Future Post: Here’s how the iPhone 5 stacks up against some competitors.

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Captain Tuttle3241d ago

I thought the reveal was...underwhelming

Azmatik3240d ago

Me too, eveything in the phone sounded like old tech to me imo. Also watch out for Samsung sueing Apple now for having LTE like they said.

evil_element3241d ago

Could the honest reason be why Android has been so popular is because you can get their phones outside of contracts. And that most users are below the age to pin down a legal contract with a cell company and Android has been seen as the alternative to iphone?

tachy0n3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

you can get the iphone without a contract, but the cost gets crazy, lol in virgin mobile you gotta pay $600+ to get the iphone without contract, instead you can just get an LG Optimus V for less than $100 and it is still an smartphone!

caseh3241d ago


No, Android is popular because the majority of manufacturers opted for the Android OS. If you want a phone outside Blackberry, iPhone or Lumia chances are it will be Android based.

evil_element3240d ago

@caseh lol, the clue could be in the fact Apple dont supply iOS for other phones.

Yes manufactures will put Android into phones, because it costs nothing to install.

Contracts have been a disadvantage for iPhones for a long time. Not many kids can afford buy Apple products out right. Plus most packages on the market are geared towards contracts.

Contacts are just: Pay for phone by installments and get usage of network with perks.

Fact is Apple products have always been expensive. This is not a new concept, its been around since the 70's-80's when the company started out. But people so use to getting things on the cheap, they feel penalized that they should pay premium prices for certain products.

Apple really in the luxury good pricing.

Burberry = Nothing below $400 topping $100,000 (even for a purse)
Ferrari = $30,000 up to $1,000,000
Boss = $300 going to $50,000
Louis Vuitton = $600+

These companies could be beaten by 'lesser' companies but many buy them for their quality and brand name.

caseh3240d ago


Even if Apple did allow their OS to be used on different hardware most companies would most likely reject it, just like Windows mobile.

Why would companies pay royalties to M$ and Apple when the Android OS is not only free, but far more flexible and always ahead of anyone else in terms of functionality. (For the Apple fanbois, I suggest you look up whats been added in each iOS release before you bleat nonsense. You'll find the features have been a part of Android for a while if not years...did someone say widgets? oh hoho.

caseh3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

No wonder Apple wanted the S3 banned, despite the iPhone 5 being released several months later its specs just about match up if not a little left behind in some areas.

But its good to see Apple playing by their own ridiculous and unjustified rules yet again:

- No SD memory slot
- Proprietary adapter slot
- Fixed battery

People pay more than any other phone on the market for these privileges, bravo! *claps*

Topshelfcheese3240d ago

Apple Specs never match up...They just have a drove of brain dead followers who think the apple symbol is shiny and neat.

Fact is, if you care about what you are getting for your money, you should never buy apple. It's a luxury brand, which usually means your just paying more for a name.

one2thr3240d ago

I've been telling people the same exact thing, "Apple-Its a luxury brand, which usually mean your just paying more for a/the name"...
Its funny and sad that people are willing to throw hundreds of dollars at tech and specs that are equally matched to lesser priced tech and spec items... For example: The argument between a $1000 mac and a $1000 custom built pc... But the only response I get is "My mac gets no viruses"... Which is pathetic, but understandable stand point but its common sense that keeps viruses from infecting pc's really...

Kaneda3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Thank you so much for not understanding hardware and software.

That is why PC world never understand.. just waiting and hoping that M$ release something not like Vista.

Mac users always confidence whatever they get will work. So you are paying for more than just the name...

ShadowKingx3240d ago

Comparison or not, i cannot see paying for the same iPhone every year, ok so you improved the speed a little bit, and updated the software that will soon come out on every other iPhone a few month after. Don’t get me wrong i like the iPhone but these little changes are pathetic in my opinion.

Im sorry I’m not one of those guys that go and buys a new computer because of improved CPU performance and i would not do that for a phone either, on the other hand at least the 4S dropped to 100 bucks so i might go pick that up now.

360ICE3240d ago

The real winner here is Xperia T!

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