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MegaUpload judge quits case following 'enemy' comments

Nzherald: After making remarks critical of the U.S. government's attempts to strengthen international copyright law, the judge at the center of MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom's extradition proceedings has stepped down from the case.New Zealand Judge David Harvey called the U.S. government "the enemy" at a conference this week. He has now made the decision to remove himself from the case, according to the New Zealand Herald.

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chrisarsenalsavart3469d ago

wtf, america is not the enemy here, you sir are the enemy
I ve been raised thinking that stealing in any shape or form is illegal. So when i see that fat bastard pointing the finger at the american justice claiming they are the enemy all i have to say is this.
when you steal someone else property and selling it for profit, you should be punished for it, simple.

Tsuru3469d ago

Except he wasnt selling the content, he was merely hosting said content and giving out subscriptions to the site for a price. Not the same thing.

Legion3468d ago

So he was renting a building for a fence and advertising for that fence.
(a fence is basically a person who sells others stolen goods)

No problems there... he was acting like a Bishop.

Speed-Racer3469d ago

So what about YouTube? Different name, similar story....why aren't they in jail?

ziggurcat3468d ago

because youtube doesn't sell subscriptions to access the content on their website.

@tsuru - sorry, but that's kind of the same as selling the content.

Speed-Racer3468d ago

@ziggurcat - YouTube makes money from ad revenue. Let's say there is illegal content uploaded, users who view it may click ads that goes into YT's pocket. MegaUpload is in a similar situation. He sells storage space for users to host files. He does not say MegaUpload is a haven for Warez and other copyrighted material. He just sells the service of file storage and has DCMA policies in place, so if someone has a claim on content, they remove it quite quickly.

SnakeCQC3469d ago

lol another deluded fool that beleives in americas "holy war" against anyone that pisses off the people bribing the american policians

fr0sty3468d ago

All I have to say is this: When you don't know what you're talking about, keep your mouth shut. simple.

mamotte3468d ago

Steal: You take something from someone, and the original dissapears.

Megaupload: You take something, share it with everyone, and the original is still there.

Buy a dictionary.

Kurylo3d3468d ago


Just to let u know though... technically megaupload wasnt sharing anything. They were hosting a hard drive. The people sharing are the people uploading.

Whatever your definition of stealing is.. mega upload wasnt doing any of it.

And by the way.. i am on mega uploads side, but definently not yours mamotte. Define stealing as whatever you want. As a software developer... if u download my stuff without my permission... ur stealing my money or earnings. You do not get to dictate what you can and cannot have under the guise of "i wouldnt have bought it anyway".

Anon19743468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

That might be, but what about the racketeering and money laundering? Shouldn't we let the courts decide that? He can add it to the list of other things he's already been convicted of like hacking, dealing with stolen property, insider trading and embezzlement. People act like this guy is some hero because he dared to challenge copyright rules and they ignore his long, criminal past.

Azmatik3468d ago

its like u guys have NO idea what ur talking about! PPL paid to store theyre photos and videos to this site and AGREED to share it to the MEGAUPLOAD community simple as that! he wasnt selling other ppls property to individuals like ur sayin LOL u share photos and videos to Facebook? SAME STUFF! is netflix illegal for charging monthly to watch other ppls movies? plus this guy paid ppl for theyre property actually u could upload a video and depending on how many hits u got u make money which ppl agreed to do! now dont tell me hes stealing ppls property and re selling it LMAO

Kurylo3d3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Um... this "fat bastard" as you put it...wasnt the one calling the us the enemy.. the JUDGE in the case was the one calling the US the enemy. Pays to read the story. lol...

But this "fat bastard" did nothing wrong or illegal. If you want to take him down, take down face book.. youtube... and google for that matter. Your a hypocrite and an idiot.

Theres always one of you in these conversations.. when the rest of the world agrees megaupload is the victim here. A victim of others greed and corruption in the government.

Baka-akaB3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )


I believe your governement got better things to do than abusing police force for copyright issues .

Even if there was indeed a crime , there is definitively a problem with the amount of brunt force and legal power behind this . It's no longer justice , it's being a corporation's lapdog and private force

Azmatik3468d ago

LOL u do realise ppl payed to have personal videos and photos stored on a server right which isnt illegal at all. stop thinking of it as selling other ppls property. its more like uploading photos and videos to Facebook cause u think its safe and is a good storage place right? imagine paying for that now then suddenly all ur belongings disappeared cause the government didnt like it.

fatstarr3468d ago

Read a book sometime,
and look at a case b4 you talk.

the government is actually in the wrong for this 1.

and if people like you let the world get away with ownership rules, you would have to pay for ur user name and every picture you use on the internet.

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pompombrum3468d ago

America is the enemy here.. nothing new there. While I don't condone violence against innocent people, I really wish someone or some government or anything could peacefully put the American government in their place and make them eat a nice big fat slice of humble pie.

Kurylo3d3468d ago

america isnt the problem. Its the government / corrupt politicians. I think you will find 99% of americans would agree that this was wrong.

But when your in power you really dont need to listen to them. Its about whoevers got the money.

pompombrum3468d ago

Tbh though, it's that 1% that control your country. Didn't mean anything negative towards the average American as almost all Americans that I've met personally (I'm from the UK) have been very friendly and interesting.

searchbuzz3468d ago

Hilarious. More like its too big a case.

Azmatik3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

guess we should take down netflix too lmao America is the enemy all they want is control over internet and charge us up the as* for it. considering internet is basically free over seas lol America just loves wasting money on foolish things like this AND MEGAUPLOAD ISNT EVEN LOCATED IN U.S.A!! how can they even do this its so BULLSH*T theyre greedy pricks

Speed-Racer3468d ago

Their content was hosted on 2 American servers, so they do have SOME legal right to do what they did, but it's how they went about gathering evidence that brings a lot of question into the matter.

TheDivine3468d ago

How can you compare this to netflix? Netflix PAYS the owners of the content for everything they show. Megaupload was used to share stolen content. Not saying there want also legitimate content shared and im not saying i never used it to steal stuff in the past but it is illegal and immoral. If they payed the owner of a song, movie, or game a percent of each download then it would be legal but they dont. The host your own is a legal loohole to wash their hands of whats done. It doesnt matter if its not a physical object, people worked to make it and live off of the sale of whatever digital content is given out. I dont download anything anymore because it is stealing but its pointless tring tell others what to do its up to you to make your own choices. I debate this with my bro all the time because he sees nothing wrong with modding systems and torrenting everything because its something he wouldnt buy anyways. My answer is that if you dont care enough to earn it and pay for it you dont really want or need it, its that emptyness people try to fill will physical objects or more of something. Thats another conversation altogether though, this is about the sharing of pirated content and comparisons to netflix (which pays owners) and youtube (which is mostly user created content with the rare clip of a movie or game which usually is used to sell said movie or game to people). No comparison jack.

wjbjnr3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

It was just a political stunt by the American Govt on request of big Media players like Hollywood to get Kimdotcom into jail.

If the US govt complies (which it did), those big players will help Obama financially and through other means to shine their Election campaigns!

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