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May Contest Winners

Alright guys, here are the winners for last month's contest! Please check your PMs.

Regarding Amazon prizes, I will now be PMing you your codes as some of you seemed to not have received them even though all emails were sent. As promised before, payments will be made a few days after I collect all the details as we now have a close to immediate pay out system.

You may notice the results varying from the week to week posts, but this is due to the lack of feedback being received from the then winning contestants.

Finally, for those who still did not receive April's Amazon cards, please send me a PM as soon as possible so I can resend the codes via PM instead. It's possible our techspy address was filtered into spam.

== Best Story Contest ==

1) $60 - micx
2) $50 - Knowtechie
3) $40 - MattDavisGR

== Week 1 Comments ==

1) $25 - KingPin
2) $25 - thorstein

== Week 2 Comments ==

1) $25 - KingPin
2) $25 - annoyedgamer

== Month End Comments ==

1) $25 - KingPin
2) $25 - annoyedgamer
3) $25 - Haurus
4) $25 - Inzo

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thorstein489d ago

It's my first win on any of the sites. YAY!

KingPin489d ago

congrats thorstein, hopefully this will be the first of many to come :)

KingPin489d ago

congrats to all the winners.
keep up the good work guys.

Speed-Racer485d ago

Payment request sent today. Look out for emails in the next few days tops. Amazon Cards will be sent to you via PM from me to avoid any problems with spam filters, etc.