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From The Desk Of SonicWrecks: Long Overdue Update Blog

Dear All:

Firstly, hello. It's been a while. Not that I've particularly been anywhere but it's been quite the while since there's been a blog. I wanted to give you a brief update on things from my side at least, however it's about 4AM here at the time of writing so please forgive any typos or descents into exhaustion-riddled despair.

- A big thank you for those helping to keep TechSpy going. Myself and Speed-Racer are doing what we can but there's only so much time we can spend here and only so far we can both bend to give time to the place.

- Please do keep submitting your links, the more you do the less spam can be submitted on the site owing to the need to approve. Plus I do like to read said stories.

- Speaking of spam, sadly I'm only around as much as I can be, so please. Whilst the mod toolset isn't as dynamic as any of us would like I'm going through 'confirming' spam posts (my reports insta-fail them) as and when I can get here. There's permabans flying all over the place, but sadly no way to ban specific urls - believe me I'm as tired as seeing Indian SEO companies, that one Medical site that keeps coming back and Australian lawn mowers (...) as you are. What I am doing is hitting them with a banhammer-IP banhammer combo to try and chase them away. Please keep reporting what you see, you know what to look out for. It all helps.

- Now the frowning, stern bit. Regarding submissions whilst we aren't as strict as N4G, the TechSpy rules do still apply. No ! in titles unless brands, etc are still reportable offenses. 'Team approving' submissions with issues will see those concerned get sanctions on those who do from now on, I've been far too generous in fixing things for people so that's going to stop now.

- Missing prizes: Speaking as someone who long-time TechSpy-ers know often popped up in the competition winners list I fully sympathise with those of you missing competition winnings. Between TechSpy, 11x2 and Shinbun I'm personally VERY out of pocket. While I cannot help you myself directly I have been enquiring where I can about some assistance and now do have instructions for those who still believe they are missing prizes. Please send me a PM and I'll bring you up to speed.

Yours tiredly,
- SW

Crazay1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Sorry to hear you guys are still having issued getting prizes out of the Havamedia people. THey sure did run their sites into the ground. It used to be fun but then they employed shitheads on N4G as admins and an incompetent dipshit like JL over on Filmwatch do things the way they saw fit. Sonic and Speed have both been incredible guys and in my opinion they best site runners of the crew. So please don't grief on them.

I was able to get all prizes owing to me out of Hava Media.This was the fine upstanding gentleman that helped get me sorted out about a year ago.

[email protected]
but don't forget the other meatsticks there. inundate them with requests for the compensation you deserve for providing basically free labor.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]