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Prizes outstanding, probably never going to get it

Im referring to the prizes that were given out for the contests last year on various newsboiler sites, namely techspy and 11x2.
Am I the only one that never recieved them or are there others too? I even tried contacting the site admins to no avail. they either just say "ive contacted the people in charge of handing out prizes and will get back as soon as i get some information" or they just dont respond at all.

At this point I have no doubt its prize money I'll never see. Just wanted to know whats the users thoughts if you are in the same boat as me.

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sonicwrecks802d ago

Everyone is in the same boat.

Speed-Racer802d ago

I'm not approving this but I'm keeping it open for discussion. I wish I could comment as to why the smaller sites are dead, but I can't at the moment. As it is, TechSpy might be the only one that survives in the long run along with N4G of course.

ajax17798d ago

Sad to see Filmwatch die. It really went downhill after Crazay left.

Crazay796d ago

What makes you think he left completely? lol

ajax17798d ago

It's the ad problem, right? I haven't seen proper ads here, or on filmwatch for that matter in probably a year or more.

Techspy's current alexa site rank in the United States is 88,182; that's not THAT bad for advertising, is it?

Crazay796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

As for all your prizes that were not paid out, I basically went and started emailing the top dogs listed on the Havamedia site. They were actually pretty quick to respond to me and within a few days they paid me out everything I expected from the Filmwatch site. try and hold their feet to the fire. You busted your asses to post news content, comment on things and keep this site moving and shaking. You were promised prizes for your hard work, which, let's be completely honest - is a lot of effing work for what amounts to peanut shells.. not even the full peanuts.

I'd keep on it if it were me. I did and I got my pay out. In fact, I even helped 1 or 2 get their money late last year.

ajax17796d ago (Edited 796d ago )

Seriously?! I was supposed to get $25 from June 2017 & $150 from September of 2017 (both techspy). And here I thought all hope was lost.