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Why My Computer Would Benefit from an SSD Upgrade

Currently my computer has 4gigs RAM, 5TB hard disk space, 1090T OC'd to 3.9GHz. The future will bring 16gigs of RAM, along with a Bulldozer CPU, two 6990s and 15 monitors.

I could use a SSD because this is still too slow for the full unadulterated power I require in my gaming, scientific calculations and thin client I plan on setting up throughout the house.

A thin client is a single computer that distributes its own data to other computers instead of the other computers having to download and install every application/game, so simply by installing it on the thin client every computer in the house could run the same program/game at the same time with only one installation. Since standard platter hard drives have quite a high latency compared to SSD, this would be a very deserving upgrade for a very deserving project.

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toaster3625d ago

Sweet project you have there. I was thinking of doing something like that but for media since I have about 4TB of movies on my main computer and about 3 laptops around the house. Yeah an SSD would definitely benefit. Sadly SSD storage is still ungodly expensive.

AuToFiRE3625d ago

especially when you see the 16 gig microsd cards for $10 now, i dont know why they dont have a hard drive where you just plug a bunch of flash media into it and it behaves just like a hard drive