Couple Dead For Lack of a Signal

IEEE Spectrum: For many people, cellphones aren’t just a mode of communication, they’re lifelines. Sure, we laugh or roll our eyes at stories about people who are seemingly addicted to their "Crackberries," and get annoyed at the loud talker on the bus or the gem of a person who’ll answer calls in a movie theater. Still, it’s clear that cellphones solve more problems than they create. That is, unless you desperately need to make a call and find yourself in a dreaded dead zone.

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Dovahkiin3413d ago

But... How did people cope before there were mobile phones?

Speed-Racer3412d ago

Pay Phones and Smoke Signals

mushroomwig3413d ago

This is hardly shocking, people should not expect to get a signal in remote places where it isn't usually required.

Lord_Sloth3412d ago

I KNEW it had to be AT&T! They have some of the crappiest service in the world!!!