How The Music Industry Is Killing Music And Blaming The Fans

Forbes: Some very good points in this piece in The Quietus (entitled “How the Music Industry is Killing Music and Blaming the Fans”), though long-winded (and that’s from a long-winded ranter). Below are my thoughts in response, which different in kind and degree.

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Software_Lover3415d ago

The thing about it is this..........

Artist (I dont care the genre of music), get most of their money from concerts and shows. When I say most of, I mean a big bulk of their money. Unless they are independent artist who are trying to make a name for themselves. Most of the money from record sales goes straight to the record company, distributors, management, etc.

Popular artist does shows, makes money, sells records, makes the company money. Thats why most artist dont care about torrenting and/or filesharing, and the record companies are trying to lobby legislation for it.