Siri Silenced. Updated To Not Say Lumia 900 Is 'Best Smartphone Ever'

New Rising Media writes "It's common knowledge that Apple has a rather dry, sarcastic sense of humour when it comes to some of the responses that their automated assistant, Siri, gives to the user. But it seems they weren't a fan of the assistant's Wolfram-reliant response to the question "What is the best smartphone ever?"

So they have changed it rather rapidly from the original answer of the Nokia Lumia 900 to one of two sarcastic responses: "the one you're holding" and "you're kidding, right?""

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Software_Lover3423d ago

Wouldn't that mean that Siri isn't giving the correct answer? Just spitting out a programmed response? Apple would have been better off to just leave it be, how do we know any other responses aren't just programmed?

People want control over everything, even the truth.

KwietStorm_BLM3423d ago

What you're saying is logical, but this is Apple. Looking at their financials every quarter, I don't think they care if anyone is being lead astray or not. I don't think it even matters.

gaffyh3423d ago

I actually tried it yesterday and it did this, surprised they got to it so fast.

LOL_WUT3423d ago

It was just an error about the Lumia 900 this was suppose to be the real answer.

moneygun23423d ago

You know regardless of what people say, Apple makes an incredible product. I had an iPhone 4 up till about a week ago that I got on day one, and it was clean, simple, and did exactly what I wanted it to do. However, I started to see cracks in the ecosystem that I was not fond of and after a search for the last 6 months decided to go with a new phone. HTC One X, this has been a watershed moment for me in what and how I operate on a mobile device. But for some WP may be what they like. I love the customization I now have with android but like anything it may not be for everyone

JustInTlME3422d ago

I asked this question the first day I got the iPhone 4S and it said "The one you're holding"