Apple Doesn't Think We Still Need Optical Drives

Tech Analyzer:

"A few leaks have indicated that the next 15-Inch MacBook Pro will not include an optical driver. Just like the MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the 15-Inch MacBook Pro will be shedding some extra weight in order to feature a flatter profile. But is ditching the optical drive the right move?"

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Software_Lover3412d ago

It is if you want to sell usb drives

TechAnalyzer3411d ago

The only way I'd be okay with that is if Apple took the cost of a USB optical drive and subtracted it from the cost of the MacBook Pro.

Software_Lover3411d ago

You, my friend, are more of an optimist than myself lol

KingPin3410d ago

lol Apple is going bananas.

they cant fit it in to their sleek design therefore you don't need it.

how do they plan to sell software? put it on USB sticks? that shit will get pirated within an hour.
make it available for download from their store? like everyone can afford to download 25gigs in 3 hours.

TechAnalyzer3410d ago

I never thought about download sizes and speeds. That's a great point.