Facebook Announces App Center. Facebook Phone Finally On The Way?

New Rising Media writes "Facebook has just announced App Center, a replacement for the old Apps and Games hub users used to find Facebook apps. Mobile Facebook users will now be able to directly download Facebook apps from Facebook for the very first time. HTML5 web apps, which don’t require a traditional installation, will be available from App Center itself.

More traditional programs that do require an installation, such as OMGPOP's Draw Something, will redirect the user to either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Just as interesting, especially for more traditional developers who may have shied away from Facebook, is the announcement that users will now be able to pay for apps directly. Before application developers had to rely on either advertising or in app purchases to monetize their work.

What’s more interesting about today’s announcement was not the press release itself, but the role App Center could play in Facebook’s future. Rumors have it that Facebook is working on a smartphone of its own, beyond its failed experiment with HTC and its 'Facebook button,' that would run a forked version of Google’s Android."

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