Galaxy S3: Did Samsung just out-iPhone Apple?

Extremetech: Last night, stuffed full of posh canapes and surrounded by pretty Samsung girls, I played with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Organic, watery nature sounds were piped into the exhibition hall, and to accentuate the Pebble Blue and Marble White models on display, the huge room was bathed in a mixture of muted blue and vivid white spotlight. Flicking through the home screen, notifications tray, and various TouchWizesque apps, and of course poking those cartoony icons, I couldn’t help but feel that this is a very odd release for Samsung. For the first time that I can recall, this is a flagship smartphone release where awesome, bleeding-edge hardware isn’t the focus; instead, Samsung is at pains to point out that the Galaxy S3 is a device “designed for humans.”

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PaPa-Slam3418d ago

Trust me when i say, they haven't.

-Mezzo-3418d ago

I don't know if you're serious or just trolling, Samsung has out done Apple with Galaxy S II let alone Galaxy S III.

Gondee3418d ago

No, they have not gotten close. Their screen DPI still isn't higher than the iPhone, the camera still isn't as good, its still plastic, and still feels cheap as hell in the hand. Those would be my hardware gripes, to outdo the iPhone, it has to be BETTER, because matching it doesn't do any good.

Second, even with there little hardware refresh there are many things that Samsung just can't get. Massive 3rd party support for external add ons, and devices, case options, good apps. To the point of the apps, android apps still suck. I don't know who makes these, or why they just can't be high quality, but it still hasn't happened. Fluid scrolling is a pain in the ass, force restarts still happen, and they look like shit too, with no common theme. The fragmentation has obviously deeply impacted the development of applications on android, and IMO totally kills the phone/OS.

Im not even a fan boy, and i recognize these faults with Samsung and the greater android platform. It simply is not as good as IOS. Look as the consumer internet usage for phones. Look at customer satisfaction reviews. The public prefers IOS over android.

mp12893418d ago

@Gondee...Its already far better than the Iphone. My Galaxy S2 outperforms it and I've dropped it accidently twice and it hasn't scratched as opposed to my cousin who dropped his iphone and no it doesn't feel cheap. Oh yes AMOLED is a standard that all phones will eventually follow as wells as TVs (OLED) for that matter. The S2 only has 480p resolution and it looks far better, its far brighter, and it handles battery well just because of OLED. with the 720p, the s3 will be the first (or one of the first) HD phones. When it comes out, just compare its screen with any LCD phone, you will see for yourself.

The iphone has IOS and its also from apple, that is why it won't be beat for a while.

fatstarr3418d ago

in the screen department and indestructibility Samsung has almost every phone company beat. gorilla glass II must be one hell of a substance.

the DPI on the S3 is to out glass the 4s same with resolution and hd recording and the simultaneous things you can do with videos at once

samsung has work to do to achieve the top spot hands down no competition..

RedDragan3418d ago

If the Samsung phone can actually make calls then yes, it has outdone the iPhone.

I have an iPhone 4S and as far as the phone part is concerned it is probably the worst phone I have ever had.

'No Service'.

What a travesty! If you guys actually go on to the Apple Forums you will see that the iPhone 4S is crap as a phone.

Raf1k13418d ago

Just think of how much fuss people would have made if the iPhone had face recognition unlock first instead of an android phone yet because it's on an android it's no big deal.

Now consider the fact that it's just one feature of quite a few that androids have which iPhone fans would blow out of proportion if only it was on their phone.

Don't get me wrong I love the iPhone as it's always been designed with amazing UX design in mind which others have only just been able to match but people seriously need to take their fanboy goggles off and see things for what they are.

krazykombatant3418d ago

@ Gondee are you really comparing the iphones camera to the other android mobiles????? Apple FINALLY got an 8 Megapixel thing on there, and you act as if this is innovative and revolutionary when the rest of the world had these in their phones for what now 2-3 years.

spektical3417d ago


pretty much. Apple fanboys have had the goggles on for far too long. Android Phones have doing things iOS hasnt and at the same time Apple claims anything added onto their phone is "revolutionary"... I just hate that when its been provided on millions of other devices, and the casual market just eats that up.

Kwertie3417d ago

Gondee is a blatant apple fanboy. I wish I could punch ignorant sheep like him. Anyway, the reason the dpi is lower on the s3 is because the screen is waaay larger than the iPhone screen. you can have 2 screens with identical resolution but the smaller one will have a higher dpi. Does that make it a better screen? Not unless you like squinting.

-Mezzo-3415d ago

12 disagrees, the most i've ever gotten here on TechSpy.

But that doesn't change the fact that what i said was indeed right.

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chriski3333418d ago

Trust me they did iphone is old news and ripped off customers every year

-Mezzo-3415d ago

So True, they must stopping doing that & bring in some good changes in their products, like iPad & iPhone.

PaPa-Slam3415d ago

Stop being a stupid fanboy, I've explained you over & over again how iPhone 4S the most powerful phone on the Market.

You've lost several debates before, and you ain't any now.

cee7733417d ago

mali 400 the same gpu as the sII just clocked higher thats a disapointment to me

chriski3333414d ago

Sorry not a fanboy I've owned the 3G ,3GS and the iPhone 4 now I'm on a droid x so this will be my first galaxy phone. So I'm not a fanboy u are sir u should give change a try

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Gitaroo3418d ago

yup, only thing I don't like about Galaxy is the design.

Strange_Evil3418d ago

Add in the pentile display to your list as well... That was more disappointing for me than the looks actually. It was the last nudge I needed to opt the One X over this.

wjbjnr3418d ago

Have you even read the review by gsmarena ??, they clearly indicated that the pentile display is awesome !!, and the design on the tv looks some kind of shit but in actual hands on, the device polls and feels great!!

Checkout gsmarena, they have added the second review!!. and yes except the fact that they should have increases the icons size, they really have outdone apple long before with samsung galaxy S2 !!

RedDragan3418d ago

Generally speaking, Pentile is the best form of screen. Just thought you should know that you research the subject before commenting on it.

sourav933418d ago

@RedDragan Pentile is the best form of screen?? Since when? Do you even know what pentile is? Or did you just do a quick google search. In pentile displays, The sub pixels Red, Green, and Blue, are shared i.e. it's RG,BG,RG,BG,etc. Which is unlike RGB displays, where the sub pixels are arranged RGB,RGB,RGB,etc.
This means that RGB displays will show more detail and not have a pixelated effect on the screen compared to pentile.

Look at engadget hands on of the S3, they clearly mention that even at 720p, the screen shows signs of pixelation.

To give you an example, the Galaxy S, with a Super AMOLED display, was pentile, whereas the S2, with a Super AMOLED Plus display, was RGB. At this moment, it's not possible to make large (4" and above) HD RGB screens, hence the S3 has a HD Super AMOLED Display. Notice the missing "Plus". The "Plus" bassically means RGB. Samsung's next flagship phone is predicted to have a RGB HD Super AMOLED Plus display.

Strange_Evil3418d ago

@RedDragan... You must be blind or a fanboy to say that pentiles are the best display... Do some google search yourself. I've owned a Nexus S and the pentile display SUCKED even though it was high resolution... Text looks pixelated and it's generally crap. I'd pick a retina display of the iPhone or HTC One X in a heart beat over this low cost solution for a HD display.

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bahabeast3418d ago

i would choose a galaxy s2 over a iphone 4s ANYDAY, i can drop it and it wont break, it outperforms it in speed and almost every other area, more versitile with the android os, voice recognition better than siri, can get one cheaper, bigger screen. samsung phones are really great just they dnt have the sleekest design and are made out of plastic while people mite complain about those stuff its actually good because your phone WILL last longer and take more beating oppose to a metal or glass phone.

Revvin3418d ago

The specs look very good although the quad core would have got more attention if HTC had not beaten them to market. Samsung always put together good hardware specs but there is no style to it. Plastic phones just feel cheap, there were rumours of some sort of ceramic back which might have made it feel more like a premium phone. What's wrong with a classic black handset? Pebble blue? It looks awful. I kept checking the tech news websites all night such was my interest in the Samsung Galaxy S III but I feel like they've just released an 'also ran' in the mobile phone race.

WitWolfy3418d ago

Ive had my Galaxy S2 for 5 months now and its one of the best pieces of tech IVE EVER OWNED! Kudos to Samsung

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