How all the water on Earth would fit into one 860-mile-wide ball

Daily Mail: When people talk about our water supply running out, it's often difficult to imagine - but according to the U.S. government's Geological Survey, all the water on Earth would fit into an 860-mile-wide bubble.

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SJIND3419d ago

Save water...........

shackdaddy3419d ago

The world's water supply wont run out for a very very very very long time. I mean, you should still save water, but not to save the world's supply...

GrumpyVeteran3418d ago (Edited 3418d ago )

EDIT: Probably should've replied to SJIND, not you. Sorry.

Water in itself will never run out. Safe drinkable water is at jeopardy though.

Crazyglues3418d ago

Oh No! that can't be good... *_*

SJIND3418d ago

It depends in which country you are staying...
In some places you won't get pure drinkable water, but still people use that only. In future this situation might come everywhere...
So dont waste water... SAVE

TheOwnmaster3418d ago

Damn.. That gave me an idea for a really good movie

Extra terrestrials invade and put all our H20 in a giant bubble ,Epic futuristic ship battles mass effect style

but seriously THAT'S IT lol WOW

mushroomwig3418d ago

America stealing the worlds water? Over my dead body!

Kurylo3d3418d ago

your right, your too dehydrated to fight us.

bwazy3418d ago

Oh please, if Canada decided to opt out of us giving you Hydro you'd be doomed.

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Corepred43418d ago

Lol Canada thinks they are needed. Bwahahaha

Angels37853418d ago

^LOL the only reason Canada can do ANYTHING is because they are located next to the United States......thats coming from someone who lives in the UK...

Kurylo3d3417d ago

haha im just joking around, but still canada pretty much doesnt exist to the rest of the world.. lol..

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Somebody3418d ago

Is that it? I thought it would be much bigger. Maybe a gigantic bubble half the size of Earth itself.


When we say that planet "Earth" should be called "Water", as it's actually 75% water, we're talking about the surface aspect.

Only the shallow surface of Earth has any water. If you we could cut the whole world in half, step back, and look to the whole picture, oceans would look like not much more than 3 small puddles.

That giant ball wouldn't be much more impressive if was made of all the soil (dirt and rocks) either... We're basically a still hot ball of lava floating in the space, only that the surface has cooled down and solidified. The metalic nuclei of the planet, although really small compared to the diameter of the Earth, would be a much bigger ball than all of the surface and astenosphere together.

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