Is Microsoft Already Manufacturing the Next Xbox?

IGN: Texas electronics company allegedly begins production.

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-Mezzo-3428d ago

Both companies are trying to beat the other to the market,and i do not like it, i think in trying to beat each other to the Market, the next Gen consoles will be out a year or 2 before they should.

Though i cannot wait to see more of PS4, a Dollar over $350 and i'm not getting it.

dreamtheater873427d ago

One part of me agrees with you (my wallet specifically).

But on the other hand gfx technology could be moving forward a lot faster than it currently is due to the increasingly lengthy console cycles we're seeing. Progress please! :)

Persistantthug3427d ago

I mean think about it......

PC's have the most powerful game tech already available to consumers, yet, I don't see any NEXT GEN games, do you?

There are some nice PC, AAA-buget exclusives coming like DIABLO 3, BLACKLIGHT (already out), WITCHER 2, (already out), GUILD WARS 2, and a few others......but again, none of them are pushing NEXT GEN.

Because developers aren't ready for NEXT GEN yet.
So no..... personally I'm not interested in spending 4, 5, and $600 for incremental & insignificant gains, and I don't want to see new consoles until 2014.....maybey 2015 if that's what it takes.

dreamtheater873426d ago

But in my opinion the reason more developers aren't pushing the envelope is because they're catering to the masses- current gen consoles. Making a truely next gen title is too much of a risk because only PC gamers with high end machines could run it. If a new wave of consoles came out devs would cater for them (and in turn cater for high end pc gamers). Crysis came out in 2007, surely devs are ready for progress by now!

Persistantthug3426d ago

that was why I named some specific games for you.

If developers were in fact ready for true NEXT GEN games, then we'd have some NEXT GEN games.
Instead, what we have are dozens of developers going out of business trying to just keep up with CURRENT GEN games.

I say again....we don't see next gen because developers aren't ready.

dreamtheater873426d ago

I'll admit the cost issue of developing next gen games is a big barrier for most devs. And I realise there are PC exclusives that don't cater to consoles. I just feel like the whole industry, PC and consoles alike, would be forced to push the envelope if a new gen of consoles came out.

I'm talking about progress through competition. If one dev raises the bar (which is a risk worth taking for new console hardware), then other devs will have to follow suite to compete (PC exclusive devs included).

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Captain Tuttle3427d ago

This has to be a dev kit, there's no way the next box is going to be built in America. Foxconn will be doing it.

Sucitta3427d ago

its true, we exploit the Chinese for their cheap labor and slave like conditions. Foxconn has a really high suicide rate but who cares, profit over everything in this era..

AHall883427d ago

Seems like the world runs on greed anymore and people don't care, pretending it's all okay.

ThePundit3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

If you look at the actual status (not media bs) of other similar factories in China, you would realise that Foxconn conditions are actually better than the rest. So, comparing it with factories in the rest of China, Foxconn is relatively better; comparing with those in most other countries it is worse.

This is not my opinion, I'm a journo and in an interview with APAC representatives of semicon companies they explained this to us. Off record, they went on to say that they allow their suppliers to contract to the 'worse' factories, while they themselves stay with the likes of Foxconn since they dont want a PR problem. Issues regarding working conditions in Chinese factories had been talked about in the media even back in 2009, but it was the Apple connection that blew this out of proportion wrt Foxconn.

Nodoze3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I would agree that it is the dev kit. if this was the retail unit MS would be parting out the assembly to the cheapest labor camp it can find.

As for this era of profit above all else, enjoy it while you still is unsustainable. China is a communist regime. One command from on high and the factories making Xbox 720's are making missle guidance systems. Unlike WW2 where we won by out manufacturing our enemy...this is no longer an option.

-Mezzo-3427d ago

Oh, how i wish this turns out to be true.

If both Next Box & PS4 retail for $299, i'll get both of them, anything more & i'll just stick with PS4.

Kon3427d ago

We'll need some proof here champ.

PaPa-Slam3426d ago

Ken himself told him. lol

aDDicteD3418d ago

we all wish that it'll be that cheap

SKUD3427d ago

Nintendo for sure is.

SITH3427d ago

Dev kits makes sense.

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