Down, Not Out: Nokia Goes On The Offensive With 11 Lawsuits Against HTC, RIM And ViewSonic

Tech Crunch: As Nokia continues to try to turn itself around as a mobile phone business, it is also playing on the offense in the legal game: today it announced that it has filed fresh round of patent suits — 11 in all — against HTC, RIM and Viewsonic across courts in the U.S. and Germany, covering some 45 patents.

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KingPin3432d ago

haha they learning from microsoft.

when you losing, sue the competition to keep up.

yeah, great job nokia. thought you'd be king of mobiles for eternity. your phones suck balls!!

SJIND3432d ago

Nokia windows phones are better than Android phones, only problem is windows store doesn't have much apps..

KingPin3431d ago

thats like saying a Honda is as good as a Ferrari only problem is it doesn't have as much horsepower.