Yinlips YDPG18A Android2.3 Capacitive 5-Points Touch 4GB Released

Triverse writes, "Yinlips is on a roll lately, they just released the M907 tablet and are now updating the YDPG18 with new features. Taking the price point of the original model, the YDPG18A comes in at $145.99 and includes a free protective pouch."

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mushroomwig3432d ago

Yet another cheap Vita knock-off, these people should be ashamed of themselves.

Speed-Racer3432d ago

Garbage Chinese crap. And Android 2.3? Really? When 4.0 is out there?

triverse3432d ago

Check out my site, Gaming on Batteries, and you will see these are far from "Chinese crap" or "knock-off's" (though you can play Experia Play games on them through free software that is easily available on Google Play).

If you don't own one, how can you honestly call it "crap"? Try before you post.

Speed-Racer3432d ago

Till it goes bad one month later.

triverse3432d ago

Had mine since the first of February and play it several hours a day and it is still running just fine. Not sure what you are concerned with that comment.

Of the few thousand people that I know of that own one of these varied units, only have few have had a problem with it (and that was related to them dropping it or being rough with it and under those circumstances, what piece of tech is going to survive?).

mushroomwig3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

'and you will see these are far from "Chinese crap" or "knock-off's"

Seriously? If you can't see that this is obviously a PlayStation Vita knock off then you must be blind. Whether or not it works is completely irrelevant, this is a product designed to fool people into thinking it's something else so obviously it's crap based on that one factor alone.

triverse3432d ago

So, the original GBA, Neo Geo Pocket and Game Gear must have been knock offs of the Atari Lynx because they had controls on the left and action buttons on the right? I mean, according to your logic that is the case.

They are using a form factor that is supposedly popular right now (well at least recognizable since the Vita isn't exactly burning up the sales charts).

I agree they look quite a bit like the Vita (the JXD V5200 also if you haven't checked that one out shares a similar look). You see this type of stuff in all kinds of industries- look at cars (how many Mustang knock-offs have we seen over the years or trucks trying to look like the iconic Dodge front end?).

mushroomwig3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

'So, the original GBA, Neo Geo Pocket and Game Gear must have been knock offs of the Atari Lynx because they had controls on the left and action buttons on the right?'

Your logic is incredibly flawed, there is a difference between creating something that physically works (like a controller or a car) and just doing a copy & paste of something that already exists. You really need to open your eyes and understand that they've just taken the body of the Vita and made it into something else...right down to the style of the shoulder buttons and position of the analog sticks. There is no difference between this and the popstation as they both rely on insulting peoples intelligence by pretending it's something it's not.

FYI, don't send me a message because I won't read it, I know you're out of bubbles but there really isn't anything else to say on the matter.

Speed-Racer3431d ago

My main concern though is, why would I buy a knockoff that can't play Vita games? That's like buying one of those Chinese lookalike iPhones just to say you have something looking like iPhone but isn't an iPhone. I don't think there is really going to be a debate about actual tech specs here. At the end of the day, I'm not going to get caught with a lookalike device in my hand. If I wanted a powerful Android gaming system, I would get something else.