Mom's Facebook humiliation of mouthy teen daughter

CNET: A mother, tired of her 13-year-old daughter's mouthiness, decides to post on the daughter's Facebook page a picture of the daughter with a large cross over her mouth.

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SJIND2367d ago

Why they do this? Using Social Network for humiliation?

reznik_zerosum2367d ago

Why they do this,Using Social Network ?

FlashXIII2367d ago

Wow that's pretty cruel. I understand making her daughter lose facebook for a month and think that's fair however going as far as she did, she's just asking for her daughter to suffer from this at school. If this happened when I was in school we'd have an absolute field day taking the piss out of the poor person.

shammgod2367d ago

who cares...if this is the worst thing that happens in this girl's life, she will be alright

FlashXIII2366d ago

You want to try explaining that to a 13 year old? To her this is probably the most humiliating/embarrassing moment of her life, just because worse things will probably happen, doesn't make it right.

FlameBaitGod2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Oh plz, your clearly not a parent, like human analog said, kids think their entitled to special treatment. Plus the majority think they can speak how ever the f they want to their parents. If I even dared talked back to my parents when I was a kid, Mr Belt would come out and I didn't even have to say a bad word or anything. I didn't kill my self or grew up hating on them.

You can see the difference in maturity from the people who are raised with rules and those who weren't.

asmith23062367d ago

I have to laugh at people who take Facebook so seriously.

SJIND2367d ago

Use FB for good things else it might be blocked as in china...

XboxInnovation2366d ago

Kids these days get home from school and go on facebook. In my era, we got off the bus and didn't go inside until dinner time.

The life expectancy average is going to drop massively over the next 50-75 years from social networking alone.

SilentNegotiator2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

That's fairly off topic. We're talking about Facebook being used as 'humiliating' punishment, not it's effect on childhood obesity.

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The story is too old to be commented.