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Chip lets smartphones see through walls, clothes Researchers at a Texas university have designed a chip that could give smartphones the long-envied ability of comic book hero Superman to see through walls, clothes or other objects.

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SJIND2370d ago

I want One of this....

SJIND2370d ago

Dont You Need such gadgets.? I think everyone want to use such gadgets. Its really a useful invention......
You too need right?

upallnightgamer2370d ago

Is there any other reason for the common man to have such an application? ;)

Speed-Racer2370d ago

mushroomwig is right. There is a reason walls were invented in the first place.

kaveti66162370d ago


Might as well call women who wear make-up perverts, as they're only doing it to advertise themselves sexually.

We're all perverts. This device will allow us to sample the goods without paying full price. If you have a problem with it, hit the treadmill.

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wenaldy2370d ago

Finally, useful invention :) /jk

SilentNegotiator2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

"The terahertz band has wavelengths that fall between microwaves used for mobile phone signals and infrared that is employed for night vision goggles"

Neither of which "see through" walls

What a load of crap.

MeridianHope2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

You clearly don't understand what they're saying. They're saying the band they're using to accomplish this, terahertz, falls *between* the bands used for mobile phone signals and infrared. They're not saying that infrared / night vision can see through walls, but that the wavelengths they're using (which are *different* than the wavelengths for mobile phones and night vision) are being employed in such a way to allow them to do this.

Another important point of the article is that they've only got this working at a distance of 4 inches, so you won't be seeing straight through a wall to what is happening on the other side - the best you could hope for here is to locate studs / wiring through drywall.

Oh, and as for the "pervert" concerns / dreams up above... if you're waving your cell phone around a ladies shirt from just 4 inches away, you're going to get caught.