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$487 Budget Gaming PC Build That Plays It All

Gamers Nexus: "Welcome to another monthly installment of our budget gaming PC builds! Last month we posted our ‘$437 Cheap Bastard’s build,’ so now it’s time for something a slight bit more powerful. For just under $500, you should be able to play most games out at high settings (with the exception of Battlefield 3, for which we’d recommend this build)."

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fatstarr2374d ago

love this site, they always do this saving me headaches when I need to come up with potential build specs for people.

Lelldorianx2373d ago

Cheers :) We do our best to provide high-quality content that helps serve our readers as best as possible. If there's ever a specific build or article you want us to write, let me know and I'll ensure it gets done.

Megaman_nerd2373d ago

I'm sorry but you can't play anything without a monitor and a keyboard and speakers. When you add all that the PC's not $400 anymore....

fatstarr2373d ago

are you serious....................... ............................... .....

monitor use ur pc or existing tv
mouse 1$
keyboard 1$
speakers 5$

Lelldorianx2373d ago

Not to mention that very few people aren't already using a computer for something. It's easy to forget that a PC isn't just a gaming platform - it's used for work and leisure all day long.

Might as well combine everything in one system.

gaffyh2373d ago

He's right though, if you want a full PC, the monitor will add around $150 (not sure on US pricing) on top.

C_Menz2373d ago

There is a big difference between a standard keyboard and a keyboard for gaming. Especially since most standard keyboards don't allow you to "enter" more than 3 keys at a time, which is somewhat needed for PC gaming.

Mouse wise you can roll with that 90's trackball one but why? If you are going for a gaming PC you will want a decent mouse instead of ruining 50% of you input on a shitty mouse.

Speakers are important, but a cheap pair will do. I personally use a headset which would cost more.

And once again with a monitor you arent going to go out and spend $500 on a PC to play on a crappy 720p or outdated monitor. $180-$200 for a mid-range non-3D 60hz 1080p monitor. And using your TV as your monitor might sound good, but you don't want to do that for 100% of your PC use.

C_Menz2373d ago

Sort of misleading....

OS is $100

Keyboard is $50 for a low-end gaming one.

Mouse is around $30-40 for a decent-low end gaming one
Speakers/Headsets can range from $25-$150

Monitor wise if you go with 1080p then it will be another $18-200 for one that won't break after a year.