Google Ordered to Stop Copyright Violations on YouTube

The New York Times : In a provisional victory for musicians, filmmakers and other creators of art and entertainment, a court in Hamburg on Friday ordered Google to install filters on its YouTube service in Germany to detect and stop people from gaining access to material for which they do not own the rights.

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SKUD2372d ago

Pretty soon. All that's going to be left on youtube is trolling videos recorded with peoples feet.

NovusTerminus2372d ago

Eh, no one will "Win" in this case. Most of the bands I have found where on Youtube, and movie trailers.

So in truth, this will just make it so I will not find as much, or buy as much... So really this is a loss, Youtube is more or less free advertising.

SilentNegotiator2372d ago

Also, likely some more stupid non-issue video takedowns.

Hopefully this only affects the German version/access of the site.

Dude4202372d ago

Sadly we might see other countries do the same thing since politicians will think it's a great idea.

Mikefizzled2371d ago

What about gameplay footage? Would that all dissolve?