Samsung Galaxy S3 photos leaked

Ubergizmo:Right after the iPhone 4S, the smartphone closest to Apple’s product in terms of competition and popularity would most probably be the Galaxy S2 from Samsung, and the king of Samsung’s smartphone hill is set to be usurped with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 that folks say will be launched officially in London when May 3 rolls around.

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SJIND2373d ago

I hope Galaxy S3 better than galaxy 2. but cant beat iPhone 4S.

Cryptcuzz2373d ago

Galaxy S2 is already better then the 4S in terms of performance. Unless you are talking about ease of use and being user friendly, then yes you are right; but then being in such a locked down ecosystem sucks balls!

Cryptcuzz2373d ago

I hope the Galaxy S3 comes to Verizon. I am currently using a Galaxy Nexus, but wouldn't mind upgrading to the S3 with its rumored quad-core processor.

SJIND2373d ago

I wish it will be user friendly and meet the rumors...!